Lowen Maker

Inspired by the Cornish countryside

I am inspired by the trees and hedgerows in and around Downderry, a small village on the coast of Cornwall. The lone tree is at Narkurs, and the group of trees are on Deviock Hill. I like to represent the same images using different print techniques, including Cyanotype and Drypoint.

Cyanotype Prints

My photographic images are made without a camera using the traditional cyanotype formula, invented in 1842. Photogram images are created when objects or transparencies and placed on the prepared paper or fabric, blocking light and casting shadows. Sunlight provides the UV light source to develop the Prussian blue and white print. Unlike traditional photographic techniques, the cyanotype process has a very low environmental impact.


Drypoint printing is an intaglio technique; the image is incised onto an acetate plate. The fragility of the plate surface means a small print run only.